Kosmosophisch darstellender Künstler

Ich beziehe die Weisheit des Kosmos

in meine Leben und meine Arbeit mit ein.



a cosmosophical performing artist

I incorporate the wisdom of the cosmos

into my life and work.


Born in Vienna in 1953 - Trained profession confectioner.


After many years of learning and traveling in Europe, I moved to the countryside, where I began my artistic career.

By observing the cycle of nature, I learned the basics of astrology. Also I was one of the first small Bio-Farmer. I started with hand crafts made of wood, sculptures and wall objects.

In 1986, a recognized Austrian radiesthetist discovered that my sculptures radiate healing energies, and he explained this to me on his measuring device. Since that time intensive occupation with healing.


In 1989 I was artistic assistant to the great Austrian sculptor Josef Pillhofer.


1994 three-year intensive training as a spiritual healer.


In 1999 I received the visual and energetic inspiration for the GOLDEN SUNS in a Pentecost meditation. (Relief-like wall objects)


Since that time, in addition to my seminar and consulting activities, they have been the main part of my artistic work. Besides, I write books.


The GOLDEN SUN were and are to be seen at numerous international exhibitions. Among others in Amsterdam, Basel, Bern, Dubai, Dresden, Freiburg, Firenze, Frankfurt, Groningen, Karlsruhe, Munich, Salzburg, Utrecht, Venice, Vienna, Würzburg, Zurich;


They can also be found in 40 countries worldwide.

In Austria, Australia, Arab Emirates, Belgium, Czech Republic, California, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Morocco, Nederland, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Texas, Tunisia, Wales........


In living rooms and offices, medical practices, hospitals, healing centers, health seminar and meditation centers, hotels, restaurants, banks and other public buildings.


Since 2010 I live in Austria, south of Vienna!